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Descriptive is a paragraph in which contain the description of a thing,person or a specific place based on the facts whats that we see . This paragraph tells in detail so that the reader can imagine or see what the author describes .

Characteristik of description ;
1. Drawing and object or describing a place in writing .
2. Describes the characteristics of physical characteristics or the mature or the object .

example descritive .

This house is located on street abraham no 14. In front of this house is decorated with plants and there is a car garage. When the door is open, we can see a large living room decorated with a very beautiful lamp. There is a sofa, tv and 2 air conditioners (ac) living room decorated with luxurious wall hangings. On the left there is a kitchen and dining room. On the right there is a bedroom and a small room. When we walk to the back there is a swimming pool, above there are 2 bedrooms and there is room for yoga. In front of the room door there is a terrace where we enjoy the scenery in the morning and in the afternoon.

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