Sabtu, 05 Agustus 2017

type to install driver mouse macro x7 spider

This is a tutorial how to download / install anti vibrate (driver) mouse macro x7 so we can setting our macros mause.When we buy a macro x7 we must be a CD but there is also that can not. So we can download in web oscar editor.Later it will definitely appear "x7-driver download"

This is how to install its software
- open google,searching "oscar editor"
- click x7 driver download .

- then download according to our mouse model
- My mouse is "XL-747H" so choose it according to the mouse you have.
  Then download the file.our klik "7key software"

- open the downloaded file. Then extract the file first.
- then select the file already in extract it will be in the process file it
- after that select "next" and select "I accept the ****" then next.

- install.

- and finish.

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