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Basic Exercises Forming Chests Fields at home

Having a breasts field is the dream of many men. Chest muscles give more value in terms of a man's appearance. Naturally, the chest muscles are the body parts most often trained by many men during fitness. Without any fitness tools can kiata form chest muscles. There are some exercises that can help shape the chest muscles

Basic Exercises Forming Chests Fields at home

Push ups

-Make sure your hands are wide on the floor
-Straighten your arms down.
-Legs rest on toes
-Make sure the body is perfectly supported and straight
-Slowly bend your elbows
-Then lower the position of your shoulders to the elbow so as to form a 90 degree angle
-Return to starting position

Plyometric push ups
This exercise can form the chest muscles and tricep muscles

-Take a push up position.
-Push the body down.
-Lift your body up until both hands are raised.

Rotation push ups

-Lie in a push up position
-Do push ups
-Then hold for three seconds
-Then the body faces to the right with the weight resting on the left hand and foot
-Hold for three seconds
-Do it on the other side.

Pull ups.
This exercise can form the chest muscles and lower back muscles

-Grasp the pull-up bar shoulder width apart.
-Make sure your body is hanging with your arms straight.
-Pull your body up until it touches the bar.
-Lower back your body to its original position.
-Repeat again.

Chair dips
This exercise can form the chest muscles, shoulder muscles, triceps

-Position your hands in a chair with shoulder-width apart
-Lift the body by contracting the chest muscles, shoulders, and triceps together.
-Bend the body towards the back.
-Lower your body slowly down (straight back position)
-Return to starting position again

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