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The abandonment of the kingdom of aceh

The kingdom of Aceh is an Islamic kingdom that stood at about the end of the 14th century AD in an area that is administratively now included in Aceh Province. The kingdom of the first sultan named Sultan Ali Muhayat Syah played an important role in the spread of Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia in the past. The proof of the importance of the role of the Acehnese kingdom has imprinted on some relics of the Aceh Kingdom as we will discuss in the following article.

Baiturrahman Great Mosque


The first and best known legacy of the Kingdom of Aceh is the Baiturrahman Great Mosque. The mosque built by Sultan Iskandar Muda in about 1612 AD is located in the center of Banda Aceh. When the Dutch military aggression II, this mosque was burned. But in the intervening 4 years later, the Dutch rebuild it to dampen the anger of the people of Aceh who want to fight to seize martyrs. When the tsunami struck Aceh in 2004, the mosque of Islamic heritage in Indonesia this one became a protector for some people of Aceh. The robustness of the building can not be avoided by the sweep of the sea waves that at that time devastated the city of Banda Aceh.

Indrapatra Fort

The remaining legacy of the Kingdom of Aceh is Benteng Indrapatra. This fortress is a fortress that actually has been built since the reign of Lamuri Kingdom, the oldest Hindu kingdom in Aceh, precisely since the 7th century AD. The fort is now located in Ladong Village, Kec. Masjid Raya, Kab. This Great Aceh in its time used to have an important role in protecting the people of Aceh from the cannon attack launched by Portuguese warships.
Now, we can only find 2 strongholds still standing. The fort is measuring 70 meters x 70 meters by 4 meters high and about 2 meters thick. In addition to being a historic relic, fort Indrapatra now also known as a leading tourist attraction Kab. Aceh Besar. Architectural style and uniqueness of its construction is only made of mountain rock arrangement is making a lot of people curious and interested to visit it.


Gunongan is a legacy of the Kingdom of Aceh in the form of a park complete with the palace building. This park is based on its history is a proof of love of the Sultan of Aceh on his very beautiful queen. This unnamed queen is the princess of the kingdom of Pahang who was held captive because his kingdom lost the war. The Emperor fell in love and married him, until then the queen asked for a garden made exactly the same as his previous royal palace to treat his longing.

Tomb of Sultan Iskandar Muda

The legacy of the Kingdom of Aceh which is next is the Tomb of the King of the Kingdom of Aceh the most famous, Sultan Iskandar Muda. The tomb is located in Kelurahan Peuniti, Kec. Baiturrahman, Kota Banda Aceh is very thick with Islamic nuances. The carving and sculpture of calligraphy on his tombstone is very beautiful and became one of the historical evidence of the entry of Islam in Indonesia.

Gun of the Kingdom of Aceh

The Aceh Sultanate has been able to create its own weaponry facilities. This is evidenced by the presence of old guns that now lined the fortress Indraparta and Aceh museum. Originally the guns were thought to have come from purchases to the Kingdom of Turkey, but after re-examination, it was not. It was the royal technicians of Aceh who made him armed with the knowledge they had learned from the Ottoman Empire. The role of these guns is crucial in the fighting and fighting of invaders and enemy warships who are about to lean on to the rencong ground dock.

The Golden Money of the Kingdom of Aceh

Aceh is on a strategic trade and shipping lane. Various commodities from all over Asia gathered there at that time. This makes the Acehnese kingdom interested in making its own currency. Coins made of 70% pure gold were then printed complete with the names of kings who ruled Aceh. This coin is still often found and a treasure that is hunted by some people. This coin can also be regarded as one of the legacy of the Kingdom of Aceh that had succeeded in his time.

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