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Apple wacth

Apple wacth

Apple Watch smart watch made exclusively by Apple Design that is quite elegant with an attractive blend of color that allows each user will appear more stylish and stylis in the present day.

There are 3 models of Apple Watch among others, a sports model that makes deteknokers look sporty with the complete kalep (Leather) made from fluoroelastomer. Stainless Steel leather models that will add a much more modern look and model. Apple Watch Edition in an apple that has an 18 carat gold coating.

Apple Watch itself is also presented in two different sizes where the size is 42 mm which is specially for men and 38 mm for female users.
-38 mm, the deteknokers will be faced on a Fine Retina Display screen resolution of 272 × 340 pixels which also brings the screen density level to ~ 290 ppi.
-42 mm, will be faced on a 312 × 390 pixels resolution screen with carrying up to ~ 302 ppi level of ktajaman. With a screen of the screen of course smartwatch this one will be very capable of displaying a super clear picture quality and very tough to scratches

Apple watch includes an optimized Apple S1 processor with Watch OS operating system usage and up to 8GB of internal memory capacity. This smart watch is a charger available for Apple Wtach this can be used for other devices. . Apple-made smart watches have an interesting feature ie Apple Pay, where this feature can help users to make digital payments. But this feature can not be used in Indonesia. Apple watch has waterproof capability and can survive in depth of one meter for 30 minutes. In addition it also has features for health such as heart rate detector sensors, and counters the number of foot steps users.

All popular iphone apps are available in apple watch like: Alrm, Apple Pay and Siri support, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n heart rate sensor sensor, Gps and Siri Calendar support, Maps, Music, Remote Camera (You can take pictures with iphone and the results show up in apple watch), Timer.

on this smart watch is not supported with the capacity of the battery that is, because apple only provide maximum durability for 18 hours,

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