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sixpack at home

Sixpack, It takes a long time to build your abdominal muscles depending on your stomach. If done correctly and earnestly will certainly produce results. If your stomach is not bloated, then to form a sixpack does not require a long time, maybe 1 month you can shape it if really.

Forming a sixpack stomach needed a process of training and hard work. There are 3 important things that you should look at if your wishes come true.
1 Be consistent doing the exercises
2 Keep the diet
3 Provides protein intake to speed up the muscles formed


-Body position like pushup
-Body weight on both hands (from elbow to palm)
-Straighten your legs back
-Contract the abdominal muscles
-Do it for 30 seconds

Mountain Climber

-Position body similar to Push-up movement
-Place your palms on the floor
-Bend your right foot forward
-Straighten your left leg back
-Quickly swap the position of the right foot and left foot so that the left leg is bent forward while the right leg straight back
-Do this for 30 seconds

Bicylce Crunch

-Lie on your back with a straight line
-Hands behind the head
-Both feet lifted slightly upward
-The left and right legs are bent alternately like a bicycle pedal
-Lift a little head and upper body parts
-Right hand elbow directed to the left knee in turn
-Do it for 30 seconds

Spiderman Push Up

-Body position like pushup
-Body weight on both hands
-The right knee is pulled up to the elbow of the right hand
-Return to starting position
-Perform alternately for 30 seconds

Bicycle Maneuver

-Lie down on the floor
-Place both hands on the side of the head
-Pull the knee 45 degrees
-Begin the movement like a bicycle pedal
-Touch the right knee with the left elbow and vice versa

Side Jacknife

-Lie down with your body tilted to the left
-The right hand holds the head
-Place your left hand above your chest
-Raise your right leg up with your body
-Return to starting position
-Repeat some reps before changing sides
-Perform 3 Set of 8-10 Reps

Jackknife Sit Up

-Lie down straight
-Straighten your arms up, behind your head
-Take a breath
-Raise your waist while lifting both your arms with both your legs (until hands and feet meet above)
-Breathe out
-Return to starting position
-Do it for 30 seconds

Hip Raise

-Lying on your back
-Both hands open beside the body
-Bend your knees upward
-Hips lifted up
-Hold for a moment
-Back to its original position

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