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leap grasshoppers - mitivasion - inspiration

In a forest, there lived a clever young locust. This young grasshopper is a grasshopper with the highest jump among the grasshopper families. He is very proud of its ability. Everyday he jumped from the ground and settled into the branches of a tall tree to eat the leaves. One day from the top of the tree, he looked at a distant village that looked beautiful and cool. A wish came to his heart for one day to travel there.

And the day came for him. Her loyal friend, a dove, invited her to fly and go to the village. With excitement, the two friends went together. After landing they started walking around looking at the beauty of the village. Eventually they reached a beautifully fenced garden, guarded by a large dog.

Young grasshoppers ask the dog, "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"
"I'm the park guard dog. I was chosen by my master because I am the best dog in this village, "replied the dog proudly.

Hearing the words of the dog, the heart of the young grasshopper gets hot. He then said again, "Oh ho ..., not all animals you can beat. I challenge you to prove that I can beat you. I'm challenging you to jump, who jumps the most among us. "

"Fine," replied the dog. "There's a high fence up ahead. Let's fight, who can jump the fence. "
Both then coincided to the fence. The dog gets the first chance to jump. After taking the lead, the dog then raced hard, jumped, and managed to jump the fence as tall as the adult. Next turn is the young grasshopper. With all the power the grasshopper jumped. However, it turns out the strength of his leap only reaches three-quarters of the height of the fence, and then the locusts fall back into place. He then tried to jump again and jump again, but it still failed.

The dog then approached the grasshopper and laughed, saying, "Oh, grasshopper, now what else do you want to say? You've lost. "

"Not yet," the grasshopper replied. "Your first challenge is decisive. Do you dare now if I decide the second challenge? "

"Whatever the challenge, I'm ready," the dog said.

Grasshopper then said again, "The second challenge is simple. We race to jump on the spot. The winner will be judged not by how high he jumps, but based on how many jumps he takes from his height. "

The return dog gets the first chance. From the results of his leap, the dog managed to jump as high as four times his height. Next is the grasshopper's turn. The grasshoppers jump only halfway from the dog's leap, but the height of the jump turns out to be forty times the height of his body. And the grasshopper became the winner for this second race. This time the dog approached the grasshopper with a sense of awe.

"Great. You are the winner of this second race. But the winner is not there yet. We still have to hold a third race, "said the dog.

"No need," the grasshopper replied. "Because, basically the winners of every race we hold are those who set the standard of the race. At the time of your first race that sets the standard of the race and you win. Similarly, my second race is decisive, I also win. "" The point is, you and I have different potentials and standards about winning. It is unwise to compare our potential with others. True victory is when with your potential, you can surpass your own standards. "

The simple story above has made me ashamed of myself. When I was in my early 30s, I often compared myself with others. Comparing my profession with the A profession, between my income and the income of the B, between my car and the C car, between my success and D's success, and so on. The result? Often appear negative feelings, such as jealousy or self-disappointment, until the gratitude for the blessings become persecuted. But when others appear also a kind of motivation to be more advanced and try more diligently to get beyond others.

Later, I found a more suitable way to compete for myself. I started measuring my progress this year based on my achievements last year. I determined that this year I should be healthier than last year; Income and donations this year are sought higher than last year; The knowledge disseminated this year is increased from last year; Relations and ties of silahturahmi also stretched wider; The quality of worship deepened; Good deeds are dried; etc. In this way, I was more able to cope with diseases such as envy, jealousy, and self-disappointment. Racing to break new personal records, surpassing the record achieved in the past, proved to be a happy and happy happiness

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