Rabu, 09 Agustus 2017

Motivation of a chameleon

n a country live a variety of animals with a variety of colors as well. There is a familiar Elephant on the panngil with a name of galuh, with a gray family clump. There was a deer's deer, with beautiful horns and a brown athletic body. There is Meri the dove, which is brilliant white. All animals have their own distinctive color Except for this one animal is a chameleon. A chameleon known by his name alon,
Wherever Alon goes, the color of his skin will change to match the place of name and where he is. It will be orange when perched on a ripe orange fruit. While playing in the flower of lavender, he will follow purple. Even while riding on the shoulders of Zamba, the zebra horse, his skin was turned into black and white dappled colors

One day because he felt sad, jealous and very eager to have his own distinctive color, Alon also decided to continue perched on a leaf. "On top of the green leaf my color will be green and thus I will have my own color," he thought cheerfully. And sure enough, alon jumped and perched on a leaf for so long.

But the moon changed and the fall came. The leaf that was the greenest among the other leaves, has now changed color to yellow. Inevitably Alon's skin turned into a yellow color. Not long ago the leaf was once again changed color to red and Alon who still faithful nangkring on it also changed

The season changed again and a strong winter breeze blew the leaves where Alon roosted from his branch, Alon was carried along with him. And in the dark winter nights gripped, Alon's skin turned black with the color of a leaf that had now fallen and blended with the ground in the dark of night.

When spring finally arrived, Alon stepped on the grass of green grass. There Alon meets with another chameleon. Alon also shared the story with him. Narrated his dream to have his own distinctive color and also travel sadly past the seasons yesterday

"Will we never be able to have our own distinctive color?" Alon asked lethargicly to his friend's chameleon.

Alon's older chameleon friend and certainly has more experience replied wisely, "Looks like not." "But why look for our own distinctive color when we ourselves have something unique with our skin that can change colors?" He continued again . "And come here. Let's take a walk together. Perhaps our colors will keep changing the way we go, but we will always be together. We'll be different together. "

And the two chameleons continued together together. They are green together. They are yellow together. They are red together

Message: out of jealousy towards what others have, we are blind to our own strengths that may be different from others. Actually there is no problem if we are different from others, it is also a beauty. And the most important thing is not to close ourselves from the environment, because the presence of friends can help us through the difficult spots in life

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