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healthy living

Wake up early or wake up early, very good for body health. Should we get used to wake up between 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning and usual time to wake up a time to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water because mineral water is very good for the health of our bodies, second time is very suitable and proven to nourish the body. Wake up early will also make your body more fresh.

Some benefits are gained, if waking up early
Have enough time to exercise and do other activities
The body will feel fresher and fitter
Prevent premature aging
Make the body look youthful
Avoid the lazy nature
So to start a healthy life let's do change our self and feel the benefits.

Take Time to Pray

For Muslims do not stay duty that is dawn prayer and a time to pray. Praying has many benefits and virtues. People who often pray, his heart will be peaceful and protected from worry and negative thoughts.

A Time to Imagine
Imagining the desires and aspirations will make us more excited and motivated to reach those desires. This is a bit silly, but we must admit that imagination is important.
Imagination often generates new innovative and renewable ideas. You must know a scientist named Albert Einstein. He is one who believes that imagination is important.

Plan What You Will Do Today

Planing or planning is the basis for success. With the planing, all activities that we will do will run smoothly and coordinated.
When you wake up, you should take time to plan what activities buddy today, what will my friend do, and with whom do it.
If it is done every day and become a habit, then certainly life will be more organized buddy, so my friend will avoid the name of stress.

Create a Realistic Target

After doing the planning, my friend must also create a target or achievement that you want to get today. For example, I have a target today for a 90 math test score.
You must create realistic targets or targets that you might be able to achieve. Do not make excessive and unreasonable targets. For example, I am not learning today, but I have a target to get 100 math test scores.
Indeed such a thing is fine, but if my friend often fails because he can not reach the target, then the possibility of stress or depression will be greater, and that means threatens the health of my friend.

Drink a glass of water

Drinking water after waking up is a healthy compulsory habit. Imagine, as long as we sleep approximately 6-8 hours per night, the body does not get any fluid intake. Therefore, drinking water should be one of the main priorities we should do when waking up.
Some of the benefits that we get if drinking water after waking up among them is ...
The body will feel fresher and sleepiness will disappear slowly
Useful to get rid of toxins in the body
Nourish and cleanse the digestive tract
Smooth blood circulation and oxygen supply throughout the body
Stabilize the metabolic process
and many more.

Drink Honey with Warm Water

This is an optional option, which means you can do it or not. But it would be better if you do it.
Drinking honey mixed with warm water will make the condition of the stomach in the morning becomes more comfortable, so avoid bloating and constipation.
Drinking it regularly will help improve body immunity and maintain intestinal health.


The best time for exercise is in the morning, after we wake up. Because, as long as we sleep, the limbs are not actively driven at all.
Therefore, when waking up, the body must we actively move by way of exercise so that all organs of the body back to work optimally as before.
Mild exercise in the morning such as walking, jogging, cycling, and other sports will keep your body fit and help improve concentration while working.
You do not have to do it in a long time, 30 minutes or an hour of exercise is more than enough. Most importantly, you should do it every day on a regular basis.

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is not just full of course, but must be healthy breakfast.
Like what a healthy breakfast?
Of course breakfast menu is a healthy food and rich in nutrients, ranging from rice, fruit, vegetables, and milk as a complement.

Bask in the Sunlight

Basking in the morning sun has a variety of benefits, ranging from healthy bones, smooth and nourish the skin, and also make the body youthful. Sunlight in the morning contains vitamin D is good for bone health, while the level of ultraViolet radiation in the morning is very minimal, so good for skin health.

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