Jumat, 04 Agustus 2017

new song 2017 hey girl justin bieber_ lyric

hey girl 
justin bieber

justin bieber hey girl lyric new song 2017

Ever since 
I met you baby 
I couldn't fight this 
feeling  oh no 

I'm the type to give you everything I have
she's priceless for real  oooh 
you don't ever have to do a thing
but give me all your love and affection oooh

you have something going 
for yourself,
that the type of girl 
for me 

take you on a trip right by my side 
to a special place where we belong 
so many thing that are on my mind ,
can't wait to get you all alone 

hey girl 
you're something out a magazine 
you're something on a movie screen

hey girl 
I need you, more than words can say 

hey girl 
you're something like a silhouette
what you see is what you get

hey girl 
I need you, more than words can say

ever since you looked into my eyes
nothing seems to phase me, oh oh no 
there's no one who ever satisfied,
stolen love can make me, oh babe 

fell the way you do,
its something in the way you do 
the way you move 
your body girl


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