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The dangers of consuming fast food

Fast food can indeed be a solution to save time. However, fast food is not a solution to your body's nutritional needs. Some research may suggest if fast food can lead to adverse health effects. For more details, let's review the impact of this fast food hazard.

1 Fast Food Makes hooked
Consuming fast food such as French Fries or burgers can make a person constantly want to consume the fast food. This is because in the food there are foodstuffs such as artificial sugar and food coloring, some of the factors that make food is very tempting. If such food ingredients enter continuously into our body, of course the effect will be very harmful to the body and our health.

2 Fast Foods The Main Cause of Obesity
Obesity or overweight is a disease that can cause various other diseases. Even more than half of Americans are obese. Americans can be regarded as pioneer fast food producers currently have a very high number of obese people. No less, the number of children in America who suffer from obesity was quite high. This is also due to the high consumption level of fast food in the country where food is already like the culture in the country's uncle Sam.
Fast food contains a lot of artificial sugar and salt that can cause obesity or obesity. Factors such as cooking oil and other preservatives used in fast food making make it difficult for the body to decompose the incoming fats, as well as the number of calories that are classified as much in fast food.

3 Fast Food Causes Liver Damage
Liver damage is also often associated with fast food consumption. Although this danger may not be directly known to many people. Trans fats or trans oils used during fast-food frying can indeed make food more durable than damage to keep it intact. But it will harm health after consumed.
Our bodies are naturally going to try to clean the content or substances - substances that are not useful to the body. But the presence of trans fats and artificial preservatives will make the liver work extra to clean the various substances classified as toxic to the body. So that over time can cause damage to the liver.

4 Fast Foods Cause Cardiovascular Disease
Heart-related disease, whatever it is, will cause a person to experience the most fatal consequences of death. Consuming fast food that contains a lot of sodium and cholesterol will cause damage to the heart.
High sodium content found in fast food such as French fries, soft drinks or processed meat can make blood pressure increase. In damping it is excessive amounts of sodium can clog the arteries. Both of these can lead to weakened heart work which can subsequently lead to your difficult to exercise to maintain a healthy body.

5 Causes of Type 2 Diabetes
Fast food becomes the solution of many busy people and can not take time to cook at home. Sugar and salt are used in high amounts in fast food as described earlier, will cause obesity if too often consumed. While obesity itself is one of the causal factors of type 2 diabetes. So we can directly say this is food for diabetics who must be avoided.

6 Causing Inflammation of the Stomach Wall
Inflammation of the stomach wall is also called PUD or Peptic Ulcer Disease is the most common disease in the stomach. Usually people who suffer from this one disease often experience a deep sense of pain in the stomach. Fast food that can cause gastric wall inflammation is pizza, and savory chips.

7 Causes the Body of Nutritional Deficiency
Nutrition is very important function for various systems in the body. Eating fast food that will often cause the body lacked many nutrients. This is because fast food does not contain vitamins, miners or fiber and other substances that are very useful for health. If you continue to consume fast food, may be a body or certain organs in the body can be disrupted.

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