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sabang- aceh vacation

Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam or better known as Aceh is a province on the tip of the island of Sumatra. The province has outstanding natural beauty, ranging from beaches to mountains. After suffering the devastation caused by the tsunami in 2004 in part of its territory including its tourism place, Aceh again rose and rearranged its tourism sector well. One of them is sabang
Sabang is a city located on an island called Pulau Weh. The name Weh Island itself means that is a separate island. The island is precisely located at the westernmost tip of Indonesia and into the part of Aceh Province. The island is the largest part of the city of Sabang, has the potential and beauty of various natural charms.

Iboih Beach

Iboih Beach is the most interesting spot because the tourism facilities in this area is complete. In this area there are a number of inns ranging from backpacker class to luxurious. Motor rentals, cars and snorkeling equipment also exist. Not to forget also the food stalls serving various types of local cuisine, as well as the presence of Rubiah dive center increasingly makes this place must be visited on the island of Weh. A day on the Iboih beach is not enough. Iboih is also known for its extraordinarily beautiful beaches and its crystal clear Aar as it makes the boats leaning on the floating harbor

Monument Zero Kilometer

Although the landscape is not as spectacular as other spots, the zero-kilometer monument has historical value. In terms of personal satisfaction, it feels proud if it can reach the zero point kilogram of this country. A certificate explaining that we have reached the western tip of Indonesia can also be found at this location. The certificate was issued by the tourism office of Sabang city. If you want to zero kilometer monument on Weh island should come before sunset time because sunset at zero kilometer monument Sabang including the most beautiful in the country.

 Klah Island

This nameless place for Sutiknyo is highly recommended to pause while on Weh Island and enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia it offers. How to find this spot, if from the direction of the city of Sabang to Iboih you will find a shop that seems to have been famous for providing a special spot to enjoy the views of the island Klah in the distance.
 Pantai Kasih
Pantai Kasih on Weh Island is located not far from Sabang city. Sand beach is very clean, but the beach itself is not too wide because of the dominance of rocks that there are many rocks. But you can still swim fun on this beach.

Pantai Sumur Tiga

On this beach there are two interesting places to visit: Casanemo and Fredy's. Both have cafes and restaurants overlooking the beach of Sumur Tiga. Pantai Sumur Tiga is long, long and beautiful. The beach is longer than the Tapak Gajah beach. The lush coconut trees also make this beach not too hot to visit. The freshness of a young coconut in the scorching afternoon will feel like eating under a coconut tree with a perfect view.

Anoi Itam Beach

As the name implies Anoi means sand and indeed this beach is black sand. But make no mistake, its wide black sand and landau also become an interesting spot for swimming and doing water sports. It is said that according to some divers, coral reefs in this location is pretty good. There is one more interesting thing from Anoi Itam beach that is the heritage of Japanese fort on one side of the hill.

Ujung Kareung Beach

This beach has no sandy area. Because as the name implies _kareung _areinya coral. So most areas of this location are rocks. According to local residents, coral reefs in this location is also not less good with other beaches. So, prepare a snorkeling tool if you want to enjoy the charm under the sea.

Rubiah Island

Rubiah Island is located opposite Iboih. We can rent a boat from Iboih to cross over to Rubiah Island. The length of the crossing is about 15 minutes. If you want to test how much your adrenaline level is, you can try to swim (like Sutiknyo). However this is not recommended and is not prohibited. Rubiha Island is indeed very charming. The beach is beautiful combined with blue sky and the water is very clear. Do not till miss the opportunity to enjoy the underwater paradise.

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