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Bicep muscle training at home

The biceps muscle lies in the upper arm and consists of bicep brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis muscles. Bicep brachii muscle is the main muscle of the biceps, while the other two muscles, brachialis and brachioradialis, are the supporting muscles that also play a role in the shape of the elbow arch.
Biceps play a role so the elbow can bend so that the forearm can be moved closer to the shoulder. In addition, the biceps also have a role that you can turn your palms from face down or face down to a position facing up.

Well, if you want to train biceps muscles, here are some exercises so you can build biceps ;

Barbell Curl

This exercise is the ultimate exercise if your goal is to build biceps muscles. Take a barbell with a load that suits your ability, position your palms face up. Then, your body stands upright holding the barbell positioned in front of the pelvis with your hands on the side of the body. The movement of the barbell swings upward and holds the starting position of the elbow, do not move the elbow. At that moment only your forearm moves in a barbell. 1 time the barbell swing is counted until your hand returns to its original position. To start the next swing, do not take advantage of the reflection of the previous movement, start a barbell swing just like when you started the practice, ie stop just starting the next swing again. Stack out all the burdens you feel when swinging the barbell on your biceps muscles.

Chin Up

In this exercise you need a strong iron bar to hold your weight. First, grasp the iron bar that is above you with the palm of your hand facing your body. The distance between the hands on the iron bars is about 10 to 15 cm. Lift your body with your arms holding on to the iron bars until your chin passes through the iron bars or at least until your chin touches or equals the height of the iron bars. Remember yes, chin up is not the same as pull up, look at the following picture so you can see the difference between the two
The above exercise should be adjusted to your ability first, do not be forced to directly do the exercise with a heavy burden. Begin the exercise of the lightest load and then increase gradually as your ability or muscle mass increases

Dumbbell Curl

The tool used in this exercise is dumbbell. The starting position of the exercise is to stand up straight and both hands straight beside holding the dumbbell. The initial position of the hand is facing inward, ie the palm facing to your body. Then swing dumbbell up so that the final position when your arm is lifting is your palm facing to your face, then lower your arm to its original position (palm facing to the body). Perform the movement in turns on both hands. Again, keep your elbows in place, do not move, pile all the dumbbell loads on your biceps muscles so that you can get the best results.

Hammer Curl

This exercise uses dumbbell as a tool. As the name implies, the swing movement of this exercise resembles the movement of hammering people. This exercise begins with an upright position and both hands are placed on the side while holding the dumbbell with the position of the palm facing your body. Just like the two exercises above, keep the elbow position in place so that the burden is only stacked on the biceps muscles. Perform dumbbell swing movements up to a certain height according to your ability while maintaining the elbow position, though it is very good if the dumbbell swing you can reach the shoulder. While swinging the dumbbell, the position of your palm still facing the body (such as the starting position).

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