Rabu, 16 Agustus 2017

job hunting

tips for job hunting
  • you are responsible for your future;you are  own leader
  • believe in yourself and your skill, you are different, you are unique
  • balance your life in all its aspects
  • plan your job hunting ,life and time management 
  • build network and learn how to listen to others 
  • take care of your finances wisely
  • do not get discouraged . when one door close, another opens. be active in everything you do. have the courage to drean big 

tips for handling job search strees

  • talk positively to yourself 
  • get organized 
  • create a schedule 
  • volunteer
  • set goals 
  • create learning opportunities
  • try new things
  • eat healthyvfoods
  • do excercise

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