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Motivation from naruto-anime naruto

Uzumaki Naruto is the most excited Ninja in Konoha village, he is a cheerful, hyperactive, clumsy, and a bit stupid. But he is very ambitious in achieving his goal of getting a hokage degree, he also wants to be recognized by all the villagers as he should and most importantly he wants to be good friends

In the course of his life, naruto suffered a lot of distress and suffering one of them with the loss of both parents, this we can make the motivation "that living without parents is not a reason to grieve, we can decorate our lives with the people - people we care about"

Naruto's next sadness, when Naruto is out of the way by the villagers, is virtually ostracized because he is considered a great disaster that has destroyed the village, and the villagers do not want that horrible event to happen again, to avoid it naruto tries to amuse himself with his foolish mischief To give him a sense of sympathy in that way he traverses his life to be acknowledged by the villagers. From that story we can take the point "although others do not like us, we have to reciprocate with kindness even though the taste is always felt in the heart but that's life, we have to survive even as thin as any obstacle"

This naruto grief may touch our hearts, none other than "Rewarding a Friend" Naruto will do anything to make friendship, because according to him friend is the only priceless price that can make him happy, the same as Have a happy family, one by one friends in the village start to like it and want to be friends with him why ??, because naruto try to give the best to everyone and not responsibility, this again, we can make a very valuable motivation "that we can give Without expecting the rewards and giving the best to everyone selflessly "This is Naruto's most powerful weapon in making friends.
The author of "Masashi Kishimoto" wants to convey many moral messages to his fans plus perhaps this author has a strong friendship and friendship, who does not want to have many friends right ??, but there is one friend who is less familiar and betrayed him, we all already know yes…. "Uchiha Sasuke" his first friend is very special because he who understands the feelings of naruto as well as Sasuke he too understand because of the same suffering, this may be a motivation "if we want to be accepted both in the environment and in friendship, we must understand each other" Each other means that we can realize by helping each other and helping each other.

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