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How to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Having excessive weight is a problem for some people, because it will disturb the appearance and can not use the clothes as you wish. And one way to lose weight is by way of a diet that is certainly a fixed diet in healthy and natural rules, but not everyone managed to do it. Even they have been on a diet but the weight does not go down. Here are some tips for losing weight;
Start with a Commitment to thin, important!

Why is my commitment to say important? Because all the ways to lose weight will not be effective if you do not have a strong commitment in doing so.Maybe this week you will be active in sports, healthy food consumption, and others. However, the second week of the habit suddenly disappeared.
Well this is where the importance of building commitment. If necessary, you can hire the services of a gym coach to guide your diet to run well and painstakingly


According to research, drinking water before meals is very powerful in losing weight. Why is that? Eating water before eating can provide a full effect, which in turn will make you reluctant to devour food in large portions, or even you do not touch the food at all.
Sometimes, when hungry we will immediately take a spoon and rush to eat rice along with side dishes, or even looking for foods high in calories. In fact, it may be that you feel it is thirsty instead of hungry. So, when hunger strikes, you should overcome first by drinking water.
How to lose weight next is to use water. Water is very helpful to the process of weight loss. By consuming lots of water will increase the hydration of body cells that will support the metabolic process. In running the diet should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Do not forget breakfast

Many people think the fast way to streamline the body by reducing the daily meal rations such as absent breakfast. In fact, it will actually make you hungry and eat lots of snacks throughout the day, especially when the body began to feel shaken due to hunger.
Therefore, make sure you always have breakfast in the morning. For example, consume boiled eggs and a banana, or low-fat milk and a piece of bread, and do not forget fruit juice that contains various nutrients such as fiber and vitamins.

Much Moving or Sports

Do Sports Regularly For those of you who have a lot of time of course can start this body weight program by doing regular exercise either jogging, aerobic gymnastics, or a leisurely stroll. But for those of you who do not have time to spare to exercise you also do not have to worry because there are other ways that can be taken.
The trick is that you have to move a lot, for example if your work is in the office that has a lif then can try to use the stairs, other than that apply to frequent walks in the workplace. It will help burn calories in the body. The point is you have a lot of moves and activities that make the body move.

Let's move on
It's no secret that exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. According to research, exercise can help trim the excess fat in the body. This burning fat can make your weight become more ideal.
To reduce excess weight through exercise, adults aged 19-64 years are recommended to regularly perform aerobic movements such as walking, cycling, running at least 150 minutes per week. This portion of course you can increase in order to lose weight faster.

Protein Consumption

Protein is one of the substances supporting the diet is highly recommended. Investigate a calibaration proten have a tremendous function that is able to burn fat and suitable as a supporter of your healthy diet.
Protein can be obtained from egg whites, but it can also be obtained from oat meal wheat or cereal. Protein consumption is strongly recommended as your breakfast
The best weight loss foods for you are protein and high fiber foods. Protein can make the body feel full longer. In addition, protein can help burn fat in the body. Eat protein sources such as egg whites, yogurt, lean meats, seafood, cheese, soybeans, and nuts.
Fiber foods can also make your body full longer, but it is lower calories. High-fiber foods that you can eat include fruits, vegetables, seeds, popcorn without butter, and nuts. Do not forget to add chili when eating to satisfy your appetite. According to research, foods that satisfy the tongue can prevent us from eating a lot.

Reduce sweet foods Reduce sweet foods

Sweet foods provide more energy than calories or protein. However, increasing glucose in the body due to sweet foods is also not good for health, especially for your weight.
Better start now cut down on sweet foods. Call it like sweet tea, brownies, donuts, soft drinks, and the like

Get enough sleep

Our bodies can essentially produce hormones that can spur us to more appetite (ghrelin hormone) when sleep deprivation. This can lead to weight gain.
In addition, lack of sleep can also trigger disruption of the body's metabolic system in breaking the substances of food into energy. As a result, the substances and even then accumulate in large quantities and converted into fat.

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