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shoulder muscles training

To form shoulder muscles in need of regular exercises and hard work, exercises to form shoulder muscles is done for 4 weeks, and do regularly and regularly so that the results obtained can be maximized. This exercise you do two sessions each week, and between sessions rest your body for 3 days to 4 days

Exercise program builds shoulder muscles


-Hold the holding pole with your palm facing toward your face
-Hold your arms straight and position your ankle in a crossed position
-Lift your body until the chin passes from the retaining pole and then back to the starting position

Inverted Shoulder Press

-Place the position of the foot in a place that is higher
-Point your hands on the floor slightly wider than your shoulder position
-The position of the arm should be in a straight line

Dumbbell Bench Press

-Pick up a pair of dumbbells to the top of your chest
-Lay your body with your supine position at the top of the flat bench
-Position The palm facing downward when grasping the dumbbell
-Gain your shoulder muscles as closely as possible during this exercise

Push ups

-The position of both hands on the floor slightly wider than the shoulder
-The body must be in a position to form a straight line from ankle to head
-Tighten the abdonimals
-Position your body in a stiff rigid state
-Lower the chest position closer to the floor
-Bend your elbows when you lower the body so that the upper arm forms a 45-degree angle
-Break when the body is close to the floor
-Return to starting position
-If in this exercise the position of the hips feel no longer strong to form a straight position you better end the set

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