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spesifikasi mouse macro x7 spider

Macro X7 is an accessories series devoted to game play activities. So the design they serve in some products fairly fit for gamers. This mouse is designed for hand-held grip, which is holding the mouse with the excess of our palm on the body of the mouse, though gamers with clutch grip grip or grip fingertips can still operate well, although it will take time to get used to. I myself belong to the grip type of the fingertips, because I do not like my wrists move when I play the game.

The shape is ergonomically adjusted to the shape of the human hand in general, so the grip of the mouse is fairly comfortable and not tired quickly. Unfortunately because it is made with ergonomic shape, then this mouse can only be used by gamers who use the right hand. Left-handed gamers can look for similar products with ambidextrous shapes. The keypad is also ergonomic too, left and right clicks are positioned asymmetrically adjusting to the position of the index finger and middle finger on the human hand. There are no long sections or beeps when the mouse is held and pressed. Buttons and scrolls also fit and are comfortable to use with a steady click. The top of the mouse is coated with textured material with the logo of Spiderman and X7 logo, because the Spiderman logo is sure then this mouse is sometimes also called "X7 Spider".

- 3600 DPI X7 Laser Engine
- Adjustable USB Report Rate: 125-250-500-1000Hz (USB Full Speed)
- Adjustable Resolution: 100 ~ 3600 DPI
- Default DPI Modes: 400 - 800 - 1200 - 1600 - 2000 - 3600 DPI
- FPS: 7080 Frames / Second
- Image Processing: 6.4 mega pixels second
- SPI Time: 1ms
- Maximum Acceleration: 20g
- Maximum Speed: 45 inches / second (Depending on surface)

This mouse is not intended for ordinary users, but more on users who prioritize the accuracy and speed, whether in the field of gaming, graphics, design or even office workers who want more productivity than a mouse.

The report rate provided can be set as needed, and for gaming needs requiring quick mouse response is set at 2ms or 500 report / second (500Hz). For gamers who want more, can change it in the options menu to raise the report rate to 1000Hz or 1000 report / second. For me who plays games without needing too much response, I set it up at 500Hz. Report rate is still high when compared with a standard mouse that only has a report rate of about 125Hz.

Movement speed of the pointer on the screen can also be adjusted as needed. The levels provided by the manufacturer are 100 DPI to 3600 DPI. The higher the number, the pointer movement will be faster. On the mouse there is a quick DPI switch button that works to replace DPI without opening the mouse driver menu. The switch switches between 6 DPI presets of 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 3600 DPI. For FPS gamers, this button can be used to replace DPI during combat, low DPI for sniping or to shoot accurately while high DPI for fast movement.

The sensor used is a colorless Laser sensor. From the sensor under the mouse, there will be no light, but the mouse movement on the surface will still be captured by the sensor with precision and smoothness


A4Tech's proud feature of its X7 series is the Anti-Vibrate feature, a feature that makes the mouse pointer will not move when the mouse is lifted from the surface. In earlier versions of the mouse and which use LED optical sensors, the feature is achieved by using a mini switch located at the bottom of the mouse. When the mouse is lifted, the switch will turn off the optical sensor, so that mouse movement on the surface will not be caught and the pointer on the screen will not move. In the mouse that I get this, there is no longer a mini switch under the body of the mouse. Instead, in the driver menu there is a special setting to tune Anti-Vibrate needs, to how high the mouse is lifted so that the sensor stops receiving motion from the surface. Setting this height can be selected from 1mm - 8mm by default is 8mm. Unfortunately every PC is restarted then this feature will be reset by itself. Until now I have not been able to find a way to keep this feature in its settings even if the PC is restarted'
In this type of mouse A4Tech provides a weight of 7 pieces with a weight of about 2.5g each. I myself do not really like to use a heavy mouse.


Software that includes this mouse is Oscar Mouse Editor. Oscar Mouse Editor is used to select the preferred settings by the user. Starting from the key functions, report rate, Anti-Vibrate, to Macro can be set from this software. After creating macros in Oscar Mouse Editor, users can download them into 64KB on-board memory owned by XL-747H mouse. That way, users can simply use this mouse following the macros inside it on another PC without having to recreate macros or install drivers for the mouse

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